Thursday, April 8, 2010

Don't forget your Tooth Brush - Going Plastic Free

A few months ago as a family , we decided to make the move towards a plastic free home. So far i am proud to say, that our kitchen is plastic free. And the rest of the home is pretty close too (the kids toys and storage is the biggest struggle, but i'll keep thats for another post). One item though that had been bothering me for some time was our (plastic) tooth brushes. We go through a tooth brush about every month (especially with small children who insist on chewing on them), So every year that is over 200 tooth brushes that we where contributing to landfill. So after some mad googling i found a Australian site which offered an alternative monumental dental . Bamboo tooth brushes. I purchased a 12 box for $33 a month ago and i have to say I'm pretty happy with them, we have just moved the kids onto there second brush (as i said, they chew), i think I'll replace mine tomorrow. Appearance wise they are very aesthetically pleasing (much nicer then fluro coloured plastic). The bristles feel like a medium to Soft, my 3 and 5 year old have not problem with the on the gums - but they are firm enough to leave you with that "clean" feeling afterwards. The best part is once you have finished with them you can pop the brush (and its packaging into the compost). The only downside is that all the brushes look the same. so don't forget to write you name on them.

I am in no way connected to, or affiliated with monumental dental (and I'm getting nothing out of this), i just think if you find a great product like this, its nice to spread the word.

Here is what the site has to say.

The Environmental Toothbrush was invented by dentist, Dr Natalya Taylor, who wanted to inspire people to create more simplicity and less polution in all areas of their lives.

These fantastic toothbrushes have a bamboo handle and bristles made from polymer, which is resistant to microbial growth during normal use.

They are 100% biodegradable, environmentally sustainable, and do not pollute the environment. The amazing growth and self-renewing ability of bamboo means that deforestation is not necessary either. Even the packaging is bio-degradable.

These brushes break down into compost, leaving no residue, and were a winner in the 2009 Green Awards.

To keep your toothbrush in good condition and durability, please be sure to:

* rinse and dry your toothbrush after use
* keep your toothbrush well ventilated to dry
* store unopened toothbrushes in a dry place

For best results, it is recommended you replace your toothbrush monthly.

What a simple, affordable way to help the environment!

Extra Info

In Australia, over 30 million toothbrushes are used and disposed of by Australians each year, amounting to approximately

1000 tonnes of landfill each year. The plastic they’re made of won’t break down in our lifetime. Nor within the lifetime of our children. Imagine that on a global scale!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I have a confession to make.....

These last few nights, while my husbands been away..
I have been curling up in bed with another man.
He's Greek, very exotic...... a little hairy (but that's how i like them).
He also knows how to handle himself...... in the garden.
His name, is Costa :)

Okay okay, so it isn't as sinister as it sound.
I have just been catching up on the first season of Costa's Gardening Odyssey.
I hired the first season from the library yesterday and spent the night in bed drinking wine and indulging in a few left over Easter eggs, while watching Costa travel all over Australia, visiting Community Gardens, School Gardens and local farmers.

So after a night of Costa -*Cough*-
I have to say his enthusiasm has rubbed of on me.
I've had a few new ideas for the garden, that I'm looking forward to starting once J gets back He's the muscles in my plans - and almost as hairy as Costa, although not Greek.

In other (Non Pervy) news, the cooler weather has reared its head this morning,
I've decided to claim the down stairs bathroom for extra seed raising space -- will be picking up the extra shelving this weekend.

I'm placing another order with Eden seeds today for more corn, none of my seeds germinated this year, (possibly due to incorrect storage over the summer months).

I'm also looking forward to planting more medicinal herbs now that the back corner of the garden he been weeded and cleaned out. - If you have any suggestions for more unusual (useful herbs) let me know, I'm always interested in trying to grow new things.

The boys are on school holidays at the moment,So I think I'm going to take advantage today and get them planting some seeds - they love "helping".

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Unkown Source - Some Smug B@%*&rd with his fish

Attempted to take the boys fishing again today, I say attempted because since i don't actually catch anything, I'm not sure it counts as Fishing.
And once again, NOTHING, not even a nibble.
Bait wise, I have tryed prawns, I've tryed squid, and whiting - i really have no idea what I'm doing wrong, I'm not totally inexperienced - although its been a good 10years since i used to go fishing with my Dad. But we were usually on a boat.
To make matters worse my neighbour comes back with 3-4 Flathead EVERY TIME he goes down to the beach, Unbelievable. According to the locals there is a trick to it.
But none of them will tell me what it is.
So, any suggestions? -- I'll try anything.

I'm Surf fishing, either first thing in the morning (before 9 lol) or in the evening around 5.
I'm fishing about and hour before the incoming or outgoing tide.

Castles in the Sand.

J (my husband) is away for the week, so it's just me and the boys.
This morning we walked down to the beach and made sandcastles.
It was something so simple, but it was fun, we built a mote around the castle and watched as the tide filled it, eventually washing the castle away.